If there is one rule of Halloween that everyone knows, it’s that Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut libertarian and no other girls can say anything about it.

So as we go into this week of spooks and gooks, remember to put your best liberty foot forward with your costume choice this year—and maybe spread some freedom while you’re at it. These are the top-five libertarian Halloween costumes.

Lady Liberty

It’s a classic! A well draped sheet, an old book, and a cardboard torch meets a greenish silver can of spray paint and you’re there.

Tax Day "Tea Party" Protestors Rally Around The Country

Bonus points if your friend dresses up as Justice and you make out reminiscent of the famous DOMA Human Rights Campaign image. Extra bonus points if you’re both dudes.

Government Shutdown

Super easy and witty. Dress in your favorite American or government themed clothes, be it a classy suit with an aptly placed American flag pin or the snazzier red, white, and blue bikini. Then add a nice sign around your neck that says “Closed” or “Shutdown.” It’s this year’s “binders full of women” costume.


Bonus round: Go naked and say that you’re promoting “government transparency.”

Don’t Tread on Me Flag

This costume idea can be done two ways. One is funnier, but the other is more comfortable. If you want to stand out, dress as a snake and attach yellow fabric to the end of your sleeves and the bottom of your pants. Hold out your arms and you’re the flag! Alternatively, you could make a flag out of cardboard and cut out a place for your face. Either option is super liberty loving! Or you can just wrap yourself in one of the flags. Yeah, that sounds simpler and more comfortable.


For extra credit, bite people (gently!) if they step on your toes.


This option has two incarnations as well! You can be literal and dress up as a Greek god. Or you can be witty and wonderful and cover yourself in maps. Get it? You’d be an atlas.

Statues Atlas

To make Ayn Rand especially proud, be sure to shrug whenever anyone asks you to do something for them.


What is more libertarian than being the mascot of the party for Halloween! The possibilities with this one are endless, from cute little porcupine to scary, bloody needle-covered porcupine. Any liberty lover can make this costume work for their level of scary on Halloween.

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 10.28.03 AMYou won’t be as cute as this baby, but you can be close to as awesome if you can explain why porcupines are one of the symbols that Libertarians adopt!

** Bonus!** The Thoughts On Liberty Dragon!

Now this one is a true costume of gold. Who wouldn’t want to rep their favorite blog’s mascot? As Gina says when explaining the TOL obsession with dragons, they are a force to be reckoned with and never settle for anything less than absolute freedom!

Your bonus for this round is to tell people about TOL!

What are your plans for Halloween this year? Tell us what your costume is going to be!