5 Things You Didn’t Know About Thoughts on Liberty

Thoughts on Liberty just recently celebrated its first anniversary this month. In that year, a few questions have piled up about who we are and what we do. I’m here today to answer some of those questions!

What policies or ideology does Thoughts on Liberty support?

Thoughts on Liberty as a publication does not take stances on any particular policies or ideologies, per se. It supports the idea, very generally, that the more free people are, the better off they are. Outside of that, TOL’s “opinions” as a publication are as diverse as the writers who write for us. We have had authors write in support of Obamacare and against it; in favor of abortion and in opposition to it; about sex positivity and the value of sexual reservedness. TOL’s mission is to provide a platform for women who believe in liberty to speak—beyond that, our writer’s opinions are theirs and theirs alone.

Is Thoughts on Liberty a feminist site?

No! While many of our writers self-identify as feminists, not all of them do, and, more importantly, neither does Thoughts on Liberty. This is not necessarily because TOL is anti-feminist, but the publication does not accept that label for itself. This is primarily because we want TOL to be a space for all women advocates for liberty, regardless as to whether or not they consider themselves to be feminists.

Is there an editorial process for Thoughts on Liberty? What does that process look like?

Writers submit their content to an editor 24 hours before it is due to post. The editor then looks at the piece and adjusts, as necessary, along the following guidelines:

  • Clarity
  • Soundness of argument (that one thing follows from another and there are no logical fallacies)
  • Style (TOL strives to have a shorter, punchier sound to it)
  • Grammar (obviously)

TOL editors do not tell their authors what positions to take or what their opinions should be. Our goal is to get the author’s piece to be the best it can be so that she can advocate for what she wants most effectively.

What do TOL contributors write about?

TOL does not direct its writers on their content. They can literally write about whatever they want—from politics to pop culture, to things that are going on in their lives. Most of our writers choose to write on politics, philosophy, and ideas because, well, they’re libertarian nerds. But this is not due to a top-down restriction on the editors’ end.

Why are there dragons everywhere?

The dragon is Thoughts on Liberty‘s mascot and icon. Dragons in many cultures are vessels of power—sometimes benevolent, sometimes malevolent—but they are always a force to be reckoned with. They do as they please, and, as such, are a fitting representation, in my mind, to represent freedom. In particular, that which makes the dragon a force to be reckoned with—its refusal to accept anything other than its own freedom and its willingness to fight for that freedom—is also what makes advocates for liberty significant as well. We are damn hard to get rid of, and we are everywhere.

Did I miss anything? What other questions do you have about TOL?