5 Tools to Fight the War on Drugs

Fully 59% of rape cases and 39.2% of murder cases are never solved in the United States.

This is the heart-breaking reality presented by a new LearnLiberty video, released today: “Why Are So Many Violent Criminals Walking Free?

Why are so many crimes going unsolved? Do local governments just not have the money? No. As Law Professor Alex Kreit explains, New York City alone spends one million man-hours on arrests for simple marijuana possession—people who haven’t harmed anyone else.

Why do non-violent offenders warrant more man hours, police resources, and money than violent criminals? The explanation is worth exploring and can largely be summed up in one word: lobbyists. In 2012, The Republic Report published a paper that showed that the five biggest special interest groups that support the War on Drugs are: 1. Police Unions, 2. Private Prisons Corporations, 3. Alcohol and Beer Companies, 4. Pharmaceutical Corporations, and 5. Prison Guard Unions.

It makes you wonder: Is the War on Drug’s purpose to promote the well-being of citizens, or does it exist to promote the well-being of rich interest groups?

Libertarians know how harmful the drug war is to nearly every member of society, and it’s high time that we start using personalized tactics to help others understand and address the problem.

To convince someone you know about the horrors of the War on Drugs, you simply need to consider their ideology. If they’re primarily concerned about fiscal issues, tell them that the United States could save $41.3 billion by ending the war on drugs. If they’re concerned with civil liberties, tell them about the disparaging effects that the drug war has on minorities. If they need more convincing, just show them this video about how many resources are purely wasted fighting the war on drugs—and how many people suffer the consequences. I’ve seen LearnLiberty videos work in my college classrooms, and I have no doubt that their new video on the drug war will be just as successful.

There’s More You Can Do: Five Tools to Fight the War on Drugs

  1. Watch this video and share it with your friends.
  2. Tweet and post it on Facebook with the hashtag #VictimsFirst
  3. Bring this video to the attention of 10 celebrities (you can start with these)
  4. Get involved with organizations like Students for Sensible Drug Policy, the Marijuana Policy Project, or Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
  5. Speak out and convince others to do the same!

You can also check out this great resource from LearnLiberty for more ideas. Let’s end the drug war today!