A Christian Perspective of the DOMA Ruling


My heart raced as I waited for the DOMA ruling to be passed down by the Supreme Court Wednesday.

A gay friend of mine broke the news on Facebook:

5-4, DOMA is unconstitutional!!!

My hands trembled as I closed my eyes in prayer:

I am so scared for this nation today, Lord. Marriage is supposed to be an event between two people that brings joy to themselves and their community. The people of this country have used it as a means to divide families, and to multiply hate, and that is never Your will.”

Among my Facebook friends I saw a strikingly even number of proponents and opponents of gay marriage. Over a thousand “friends” pounced on their keyboard to announce their dismay or disdain within seconds of hearing the ruling. As for me, I am a Christian, and Wednesday I celebrated the ruling with my gay brothers and sisters.

As a young Christian woman, I knew my desired outcome. It’s never easy having to keep your true identity secret to prevent being chastised by the popular sentiment of your community, and that pain is not something I want anyone to experience.

Christians, we deserve the bad name we’ve gotten in the last several years. Though many of us proclaim that we “hate the sin, and love the sinner,” we’ve done nothing but hate both to the detriment of our own country, and more importantly, our hearts.

See, we are called to love the sinner, and That. Is. It. End of Story.

You don’t rack up Godcoin in Heaven for telling a gay person that he must “turn or burn,” and you certainly don’t get a star in your crown for holding a “God Hates Fags” sign at a rally.

I am so excited for my gay brothers and sisters, but I am even more excited for Christians in this country, because today they have an opportunity to replace their rhetoric about “Biblical Marriage” with action about “Biblical Christianity.” We are called to live in love and peace, not judgement and hate. Do that, and you can grow a world that mirrors what you say you want.

There is nothing “Christian” about despising a segment of society because it makes you uncomfortable, and anyone who says otherwise isn’t spreading the Gospel, they are only breeding hate.

The argument is often made that allowing the state to recognize gay marriage is condoning the sin, and maybe that is so. But we are also commanded to separate matters of the state (rendering onto Caesar, etc.) from the responsibilities and social designations of the Church. This isn’t a theocracy, and permitting two people from entering into a contract with one another isn’t inherently sinful.

So, heap those coals of love, and quit embarrassing me, damnit.