If you look at the membership, readership, or donor base of just about any organization promoting freedom, you’ll find some discouraging ratios: 70-to-30; 60-to-40. These are the proportions of men to women. Walk into any libertarian gathering and you’ll see the disparity first hand. For whatever reason, women don’t seem to be “into” liberty.

This is unacceptable. Why don’t women like freedom? Women have gained more from classical liberalism than from any other ideology in the history of our species: Reproductive rights, suffrage, the choice in who to marry (or not)—all of these are rooted in the idea that women are individuals and have the right to self-determination. These, too, are the fundamental principles of classical liberalism. Women should be the first champions of liberty, not the last.

We here at Thoughts on Liberty are wanting to change that.

We are a team of ladies writing about freedom. We want to make it clear why everyone, but especially women, should appreciate what liberty does for them. We are also writing to the liberty movement, because sometimes our voices get lost in the crowd.

Writers here might agree on occasion. Other times they will debate. They will sometimes write about women. Sometimes they won’t. That is the nature of individualism; everyone has a story to tell, and we are here to let women tell theirs.