Aunt Merryweather


“Aunt Merryweather” is a pseudonymous writer living in America’s capitol. Many winters ago, back in the glory days of college, she began writing down her ideas regarding the odd synthesis of libertarianism and feminism but quit before she could reach any kind of philosophical, moral, or logical conclusion on the matter. Auntie M, as mentioned above, managed to graduate from one of this great nation’s institutions of higher learning and has spent the past several years trying to adjust to adulthood while absorbing the vanities and absurdities of Washington. She has a penchant for knee-jerk contrarianism, and finds philosophical and blogular inspiration in a variety of sources, including classical liberalism, 2nd- and 3rd-wave feminism, Internet subculture, science fiction, Joss Whedon productions, and whatever schlock Slate is publishing these days.