Avens O'Brien

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Avens O'Brien is a second-generation libertarian residing in Los Angeles, where she manages financial operations at Thoughtful Media Group, a digital media advertising start-up company featured in Euro Pacific Capital's accredited investment portfolio. She thinks civil and economic liberty are equally essential to the human spirit. Her anti-war protesting had her campaigning and volunteering for Michael Badnarik (LP) in 2004 and Ron Paul (R) in 2008, and she was Vice Chair of the New Hampshire Libertarian Party from 2006–2008. She's a Twitter and Facebook agitator turned writer, contributing columns for DL Magazine, and Thoughts on Liberty, as well as articulating life experiences and their inspired philosophical thoughts on her personal blog: Taste it Twice. You can meet her at Freedom Fest in Las Vegas every year, or at Burning Man if you're that wild.