Helen Dale


Helen Dale is not a very good Scot. She doesn’t have a Scottish accent, can’t play golf, and doesn’t own a kilt. She does, however, live beside Edinburgh Castle and has taken a serious interest in the Scottish Enlightenment and its roots in Scotland’s unique legal system (neither English nor Roman but a bit of both). Helen studied her English law (the BCL) at Brasenose College, Oxford, and graduated LLB with Distinction from the University of Edinburgh in June 2012. She works for a commercial law firm. She won the Law Society of Scotland’s annual essay prize in 2012 for her paper ‘A Plea in Law for Equal Marriage’, published in the Journal of the Law Society of Scotland. She also writes a regular legal column for The Skeptic, the leading publication for Britain’s skeptics and blogs at The Skeptic Lawyer with a licorice all sorts of other professionals, including another lawyer, an engineer, a medievalist, and a cartoonist.