Beware of Hooverism


Hi folks,

This is Gina Luttrell, Thoughts on Liberty’s Editor-in-Chief. I know you clicked on this link expecting to read an article on Hoover. However, the post has been temporarily retracted at the request of the author. We’re going to let her take another crack at making her point later this week. We’ll be sure to share it with you.

As her bio states, Maddie is a student, and she is the newest addition to our ranks. Thoughts on Liberty hires students so that they can test their ideas, get feedback, and, perhaps most importantly, learn from their mistakes. However, Thoughts on Liberty does strive to maintain a high quality of the posts we publish, and we have an extensive editing process to maintain this.

Unfortunately, the factual errors in Maddie’s post were not caught in editing, as they should have been. That is, at the end of the day, my fault as Thoughts on Liberty‘s editor, and I take full responsibility for that error.

Thank you to everyone who wrote in with great resources for Maddie and treated her with respect. If you’re hungering for more TOL, I highly recommend Rachel’s post for today, “Rapist Impersonators No Longer Legal In California.

All the best,

Gina Luttrell
Thoughts on Liberty