Do Girl Power Ads Help Women? (Video)


I was honored to be a guest on The Cathy Reisenwitz Show yesterday talking about a piece in The Week addressing the recent trend of advertising that has a female-empowerment message (and the critiques of those ads). Cathy agreed with the piece wholeheartedly, whereas I had some reservations, largely having to do with my skepticism about whether or not overt messaging like this was really effective, partially because advertising like this is aimed at a market that already agrees with it.

We then got into anti-capitalist vs. libertarian feminism, what both sides can do to help each other, and the magic of color-coordinated headphones.

Check it out!

  • Marcela

    I think it’s ignorant to simply put that the critique on Dove is due to the fact that they advertise beauty products. They also produce and sell skin bleaching products, but I wouldn’t imagine two white feminists to care about WoC and their concerns.

    • It is certainly a truncated version of the argument, but it is the most common one that I have seen. There are a lot of problems w/ the Dove “real beauty” commercials. It was just an attempt to give a brief overview of the problem before delving into the piece.

  • Seth MacLeod

    “Color coordinated liberty ladies,” says Gina Luttrell, channeling her inner Jeffrey Tucker.