Four Types of People in Political Science Classes

Most of my political science professors are genuinely good teachers and even sometimes do cool things, like quote Milton Freidman and assign John Stossel. However, some of my least favorite classes are my political science classes ­­– just because of the people. They’re not unique to classes, these four types of people can be found in most political realms and debates. Let’s face it ­­– they’re annoying and we’re appalled by their actions because we could never be so annoying ourselves.


1.  The Pretend-Know-It-All

This person knows just enough about a lot of things to get themselves in trouble. They feel the need to interject with their opinion every time the teacher asks….or doesn’t.

How to spot: listen for the student that (incorrectly and irrelevantly) name-drops at least four historic authors or philosophers a day.

2.  The One Who Shouldn’t Be a Political Science Major 

The one who shouldn’t be a political science major also should refrain from talking about politics at all. Ever. Seriously. The worst part about these people is they’re usually set in their ways and will scoff at you when you use…logic.

How to spot: Their famous line is “I don’t like to debate.” Avoid at all costs.

3.  The Lone Libertarian
Disclaimer: This is almost always me. When the professor asks if anyone is registered to a third party, they are the only ones to raise their hand. For the rest of the semester, the professor will reference them when third parties come in question. This person is interchangeable with the lone green party voter.

How to spot: When the political science professor inevitably asks who wants to run for office one day, the libertarian will be looking around very suspiciously.

4.  The Silent Genius
This person rarely talks, but when they do, they’re probably correcting the professor. They can disguise their smartassness well. They’re absent a lot because they already know the things you don’t. They’re kind of scary because there’s a high possibility they know 47 ways to kill a person using chopsticks. 

How to spot: You have a weird love/hate relationship with them because they’re way smarter than you are but deep down, you want to be them.