Oh…Oh…Oh…Do I love to talk about sex. In fact, I volunteer to do so in my free time. So when I saw an article from PolicyMic about orgasms just days after a huge campus event called I Heart the Female Orgasm, I was super excited (no pun intended). The article responded to a new study that found that men achieve orgasm more frequently in casual sex than women do. While the article did a great job of discussing the gendered nature of sex and how it impacts female orgasm, I think there is a great point that it missed: Maybe if government wasn’t providing the sex education subject to all of the pulls of politics, women would be having more orgasms.

As the lovely quote from Cliteracy in the title illustrates, this “orgasm gap” reflects the repression of free choice when it comes to sexuality. The messages that we send young men and young women—not to mention the messages that culture sends about sex to gender nonconforming individuals—give them distorted ideas about sex, bodies, sexual health, and relationships. And a lot of that comes from government.

The bane of my existence as a sex educator is often high school sex ed. While some participants in programs I have facilitated received good information, others were taught inaccuracies or had certain values about sexuality imposed upon them. I get a lot of questions during programs about hymens as demonstrable virginity or inaccurate information about what LGBT individuals do during sex. I even experienced a lot of this misinformation in high school sex ed; I was told to keep a dime between my knees because if the dime fell my legs were too open. I luckily had a Mom at home to teach me better. Others are not so lucky.

Aside from potential unsafe sex practices that come from misinformation, people are also having bad sex! And that’s just sad. If you don’t know your body and you don’t know what you like, orgasms and good sex are difficult to achieve. While they can happen spontaneously, orgasms usually require being comfortable with your body, your sexuality, and the many embarrassing things that can happen.

This is why public schools should revise the way they teach sex ed to protect it from politics, funding, and angry pundits. Most of the facts about reproduction, bodily health, and contraception are appropriate to any biology course and should be taught as such. As an add-on, sexuality education should be in the hands of those not constrained by school politics. Schools should bring in outside, optional sex educators, like the Planned Parenthood Educators as an after-hours event hosted in the school for students and their parents to attend if they chose.

Overall, I think the orgasm gap comes from the lack of information about sex and sexuality in general, and that lack is due to government sex education. Liberating people from misinformation mandated through public schools has the potential to free them from the fear of the body and sex. Doing sex ed this way allows people to make their own informed choices, and making your own choices is liberty!

Therefore, orgasms=liberty? Ahh maybe a bit of a false equivalency, but I like it.