Good Morning, World!

oopsHi everyone,

I am writing to you from the past.  Hopefully, as you’re reading this, it is some time after 2:00 AM, EDT. Cause that’s what time it is now, and I hope that you are comfy and well in your bed or at another appropriate place for your time zone.

I assume you have navigated to the Thoughts on Liberty home page with the intention of browsing our wonderful website and reading some interesting content written by one of our amazing authors. Sadly, due to some technical errors — the reason why I am up at this ungodly hour — viewing the home page isn’t gonna work for a bit.

Never fear, gentle reader! Freedom never sleeps and neither do I (apparently). Everything else (as far as I know…) still works, and you can use the navigation menus above or find all of TOL’s content by searching for the “blog” tag, or by clicking/tapping here.

Feeling especially humble this morning,

Gina Luttrell
Thoughts on Liberty