Progressives, It’s Time For Politics Without Romance


On Monday, Steve Horwitz posted the following on his Facebook page:

“I do hope all my progressive friends who voted for Obama are happy now that he’s banging the drums of war along with folks like Boehner and McCain. I thought those two and the rest of the neo-con crew were a bunch of evil war-mongers? If so, so is the guy you voted for. Come on, you can do it: call him out by name. It’s fine to say we shouldn’t be in Syria, but I’m waiting for you to call the Warrior in Chief out by name as yet another baby-killing neo-con.”

If possible, I would “like” this post a million times. He perfectly captured my sentiments regarding progressives’ hypocritical treatment of Obama. They seem to conveniently turn a blind eye to any and every promise that he’s broken.

I’ve noted three trends from progressives when it comes to their president:

  1. Simply choosing to not talk about Obama’s betrayals
  2. Sociopathically altering their views on certain issues
  3. Criticizing the happenstance but dare not mention the possibility that the benevolent man they voted for could do these naughty things

Here’s the thing: President Obama doesn’t deserve his Nobel Peace Prize—at all. He’s a lying, big government-loving, trigger-happy war criminal. When Bush did the same things, we witnessed tremendous outrage from the political left. If it were still Bush in office (might as well be his fourth term, right?), I guarantee we would see even more of those “Kill Bush” signs. But it seems that whenever progressives are shown these facts, they go into denial—it’s just not possible that our guy would do that!

Remember when Obama criticized Bush for warrantless wiretapping and how as President he’d leave all that behind? Yeah, he extended that program. Even Al Gore called Bush’s warrantless wiretapping a reason for impeachment. Yet, I haven’t heard him say the same of the current president. And I could go on with examples like The Patriot Act, NDAA, Gitmo, and drones.

Progressives, wake up! President Obama, yes, your beloved Dear Leader already waged war in Libya and Yemen. Now he has it in for Syria. He didn’t close Gitmo. He’s a bigger drug warrior than his predecessors. He’s killing innocent civilians—and even American citizens—with his drone strikes. He didn’t end the war in Iraq. He is no different than the former president that you hated.

But guess what? It’s okay to call him out on it! Criticizing the person you voted for is perfectly acceptable. Joining a cult of personality isn’t. Reconcile yourselves to the fact that Candidate Obama was infinitely better than President Obama, although embracing Skwire’s First Law would be the better epiphany. Although you may find him dashing and charming and intelligent, it doesn’t mean you can just ignore his crimes against the rule of law. So in the interest of adhering to your principles rather than politicians, try approaching politics without romance, for a change.