Tea Cups and Taxes: Welcome To Tax Day

Oh, tax day is here. Once again, it is time to consider the nature of the federal government and the taxes it imposes on its people.

Get ready to cast away chunks of your year’s earnings to the Leviathan. You must dedicate uncompensated time to swimming through the sludge of different government documents, all to abide by the complex tax code that few understand. Complex, in fact, is an understatement. There are over 70,000 pages that compose the federal tax code. I’m certain I don’t know all the rules. Do you?

Don’t want to participate? Too bad. According to Murray Rothbard, “Taxation is simply robbery. No more and no less. For what is ‘robbery?’ Robbery is the taking of a man’s property by the use of violence or the threat thereof, and therefore without the victim’s consent. And yet what else is taxation?”

Your vote, or even personal firearm, is not going to stop the government from taking your private property. You have a right to be mad.

But many rationalize these taxes. They say, “the government is spending it on national defense,” or “it’s used to help the country’s poor.” If only that were the case.

Most would argue that the wars in the Middle East are an enormous waste of taxpayer money; the amount spent on “overseas contingency operations” brings the sum to a baseline of $664.84 billion for 2011 (the actual amount is entirely unknown). Even domestic response teams, like FEMA, have proven to be a waste of money in relation to their private counterparts. I don’t want to waste my money on failed wars and programs either.

As we have mentioned before in this blog, welfare hurts the poor in addition to the economy. Let’s try to keep America prosperous and upward mobility possible.

It’s difficult to believe, at this time of year, that the government has 16 trillion dollars in debt, in spite of its high tax rate. This has caused some to ask, how much tax is enough; when is it time to cut spending? Even when the government raises its budget, they complain that it is not rising quickly enough to meet their needs. I say, it’s time for Americans to get angry.

Many Libertarian and Tea Party groups find that tax day is a great day to recruit people into their groups. If this is your—pun intended—cup of tea, I say go for it. There are protests around the country. It’s time to cry foul on the Democrats and Republicans that have put us into this mess. These protests should be loud and constant, well beyond tax day.

Eventually someone will hear us, right?