The majority of Americans are fed up with Washington, and have been for years – for good reason. Both major parties have become nothing short of a disappointment, both governing outside the Constitution. It is time for an overhaul in Congress, and it is high time that our elected officials answer for the irresponsible decisions that have been made at the taxpayers’ expense. But how could we possibly begin to change the disaster that is our national government?

By finishing what the Tea Party started. Sustainable political change starts at the grassroots with local and state level elected officials. The Tea Party, sporting the mantra “don’t tread on me,” is a non-partisan, issue-based movement. It exists independently and only at the grassroots level as a disorganized and decentralized force working to get pro-liberty candidates elected. It’s message is clear: Big government is bad. Unsurprisingly, the Tea Party was born from Ron Paul’s 2008 presidential run, and as the pro-liberty/anti-government movement grew, so did the Tea Party.

Then, during the 2010 midterm elections, it was time for tea. Senators Rand Paul and Mike Lee, proponents of the liberty movement, both owe their election successes to the efforts of the Tea Party. Both these candidates, and many others, became allies of the Tea Party because they outwardly criticize the GOP and the Democratic Party for their shortcomings. As Ben Van Heuvelen wrote at Salon:

“Rand Paul’s success can be understood in the genealogy of the Tea Party movement. Its viral and decentralized traits, the intellectual foundations of its libertarianism, and its fundraising tactics all come from Ron Paul’s presidential campaign. The first tea party event of the Obama era was arguably a Ron Paul “moneybomb” fundraiser…”

The Tea Party movement is synonymous with the liberty movement in ideology, it acts as liberty’s arm of activism, working to get the politicians out of Washington by replacing them with those interested in restoring the constitution. The Tea Party has proven that liberty and politics can mix; this spontaneous and independent movement is ample evidence that the quickest way to enact political change is through effective activism .

The Tea Party would see the GOP restored to being the party of resistance, one that supports fiscal responsibility, upholding the constitution, and a small federal government. They will be supporting candidates who also espouse these beliefs in an effort to take back the Republican Party.

It is vital now more than ever, that the efforts of the Tea Party continue to be successful. 2014 will be a pivotal midterm election, one that is more likely to predict the future of American politics than the 2016 presidential election. I have heard it said that the “tea” in Tea Party stands for “taxed enough already.” If you, like me, want to send a message to the vast and faceless bureaucracy that it is time to get the finances in order and to uphold the civil liberties guaranteed by the constitution, then grab your cup – because it’s tea time.