If you’re a regular here at Thoughts on Liberty (and I hope you are), you may have noticed the addition of something bright, yellow, and PayPal-y to our right sidebar. As you may have guessed, TOL is now taking donations in addition to the limited advertising we do on the site.

The first priority for any funds we collect will be to pay our web hosting costs, which are growing. Any other money raised will be invested back into the website: Compensating our editors and writers for their time so we can get some of the best talent in the liberty movement or delving into new projects and initiatives.

But if what we will do is not enough for you do consider parting with your well-earned dollars, please consider what we have done. Thoughts on Liberty is the best place on the Internet to hear exclusively from women libertarian writers. We hammered out this space to give women libertarians—no matter where they fall on the liberty spectrum—a place where they could be heard. We sought to train women writers to hone their voices and learn to project them into the world as strong advocates for liberty.

And we have done just that. Our contributors have gone on to found non-profits dedicated to providing fresh news to their demographics. They have thrown themselves into politics, gathering voters for pro-liberty candidates. They have become contributors in large publications like The Huffington Post, The Blaze, and the Washington Times. Their writings have appeared in ForbesMicJezebel, PJ Media, and TownHall. Thoughts on Liberty writers become movers and shakers for liberty, and we help to shape them.

If there is any doubt in your mind that Thoughts on Liberty creates writers and thinkers who help shape the world and provides content that engages, inspires, and challenges, I hope you will consider what others have had to say about us:

Thoughts on Liberty gave me the opportunity to hone my writing skills with the guidance of skilled editors. It gave me a platform to try out my ideas in public and build an audience for my writing. It’s a perfect launch pad for beginning libertarian ladies who want to begin writing regularly and a perfect way to start getting published. I’d highly recommend everyone read TOL and all female free-market writers get their start there. —Cathy Reisenwitz

I stumbled across Thoughts on Liberty about a year ago and have loved (almost) every article I’ve read on the site. It’s clear, no-nonsense and straight to the point, and I can’t tell you how many people I’ve linked to articles and recommended the site to. —Charlie

I love following your various political posts [from Thoughts on Liberty]. I’ve only really recently started caring much about politics. … It’s taken me a while to realize I was Libertarian as I always just assumed I was some kind of liberal. —Eowyn

During it’s existence, Thoughts on liberty has provided a much needed safe space for women in liberty to come together and discuss. It not only has sparked discussion, but it gives women a platform to raise their voices. I’m so glad I’ve been able to see the website begin and grow into what it is today. — Judith

[Thoughts on Liberty] has really opened peoples’ eyes to libertarianism in my life where I’ve been sharing it—the kind of people who would have been historically turned off by the rhetorical approaches of other blogs and sites out there. In its own way it has succeeded others in providing folks *access* to *ideas* in a way that I think has been sorely neglected by too many in the liberty movement for too long. — Nick

If you’re convinced that TOL has been a positive force for liberty since its inception in 2011—or would like to see what else we can do—please consider donating today.