Why You Can Like Planned Parenthood And Still Be Libertarian


Recently, I had a bit of a health scare.

This was in the middle of approximately 900 million other things, including moving out of state, finding a new job, and planning a wedding. So when my doctor calls to have me check something out, about all I can do to keep myself from having a total breakdown is research the problem online.

That’s where Planned Parenthood’s website came in handy. I only landed on it after Googling for some time, finding increasingly unspecific and infuriating information. And rather than blinking “CANCER” lights that followed me around the page no matter where I tracked to, Planned Parenthood’s website wasn’t scary. In fact, it was informative, clear, reassuring, and didn’t make me feel like a whore for having anything even potentially going awry with my lady parts.

I really appreciated it.

This isn’t to say that I don’t have problems with Planned Parenthood and their related politics from this past election. Considering what they do, I think it’s questionable that they should receive government funding – and I’ve written about that before, at NakedDC.com. But as I outlined in that article, this isn’t because I’m not OK with their mission – it’s because I think if something is big it’s proof that it serves a market and doesn’t need to be subsidized.

But isn’t that kind of the point? If you provide a service that women aren’t getting elsewhere – informative, nonjudgmental health care – then many, many women will be willing to pay for it. And for that matter, men, to which I’m sure Planned Parenthood’s donor list would attest. Planned Parenthood discusses “women’s issues” in a manner that doesn’t treat the patient like a teenager or a harlot, and that’s really refreshing.

I do not support non-representative government funding for Planned Parenthood, but that doesn’t mean I mind a touch more humanism to female health care. A one-size-fits-all approach to health care or anything else is usually the wrong answer. Planned Parenthood is a good solution for many women with many health problems, most of which are unrelated to abortion.

And I was very happy to read some good news in a pretty tough week.