There is a lot of controversy out there over fat shaming and even fit shaming. Both sides have some good points, but good grief, it’s exhausting! I know this is simplistic, but can’t we all just live and let live? There may be an obesity problem AND a body image problem in America, but all this unnecessary conflict is raising our stress levels and that’s not healthy either.

There are many aspects of fitness including not just the physical and visible, but the mental and emotional aspects as well. We all have different values and priorities. Everyone has to decide how to allocate limited time, and where the different aspects of fitness falls on that priority list can depend on many different variables. I think we all just need to back up, take a deep breath, and chill out!

In that spirit, I have created this libertarian fitness program for those of you who really want to squeeze more fitness into your busy state-smashing schedule. As a bonus, it might also help you deal with the stress of the everyday grievances we deal with as libertarians. Don’t think you’re a libertarian? Try it anyway! If you find that you are getting a good workout, maybe you are a libertarian after all!

Strength and cardio – These moves will fit right into your everyday activities, whether you are catching up on the news, working, spending time with friends or whatever else libertarians do.

Relaxation and Flexibility-If you aren’t doing this every day, it’s time to start! In case you haven’t heard, stress sucks! Yet, many of us live such fast-paced lives that this can be the most challenging aspect of fitness! It requires patience and is just not very comfortable at first. But one of the most important things I have learned in fitness and life in general is that there is much to learn in discomfort and it is in these uncomfortable places that positive change and growth occurs.

  • 20 deep breaths in forward fold – when you have the urge to immediately disregard an idea that is uncomfortable or at odds with your currently held beliefs.
  • 20 deep breaths in camel pose – when you get the urge to talk over someone instead of listening…trust me, there is no talking in this pose
  • Continue deep breaths in triangle pose while watching some of these awesome Jeffrey Tucker videos. Although, if fitness is your goal, I advise you to ignore any of his food recommendations or at least enjoy them in moderation.

If physical fitness isn’t your priority, or you just need to chill out from all the statist stress in your life, this can also function as a drinking game. Simply substitute the exercise reps for a shot of your favorite liquor or really whatever floats your boat and enjoy!