Comment Guidelines

Thoughts on Liberty believes first and foremost in the free marketplace of ideas and that all ideas should be spoken and understood and even challenged before we can attain any sort of truth that is meaningful to us. However, a free marketplace does no one any good if the goods aren’t displayed up front and in a way that people can access them. With that in mind, Thoughts on Liberty presents this page of comment guidelines and rules to stick to while responding to  a blog post, page, or responding to your fellow contributors.

Language — Thoughts on Liberty has no formal language policy, recognizing that what some people find offensive others may not and what is offensive completely depends on context. Because of this, specific words are not banned. However, insults are not permitted, and  slurs when directed at specific people or at a group of people are not tolerated. For example, I could say “What a fucking great idea” or “Fuck, I never thought of that before,” but I would not be able to say “You’re a fucking moron” or even “You’re a moron.” Along the same vein, I would be able to say “before the civil rights movement, people called black people ‘n****r’ all the time.” But I would not  be permitted to say “President Obama is a n****r.”

Insults — Telling someone that their person or idea is dumb does nothing to spread your ideas, nor does it convince them that they may be wrong. It is usually unproductive and damaging to discussion. As such, insulting someone or their ideas is not permitted in any form or fashion. An insult is not an argument, and arguments are what we are interested in here.

Assertions Without Argument —  Thoughts on Liberty does not always require that you cite every assertion you make with empirical evidence — in fact, sometimes that can be damaging — but it does require that you make some sort of logical argument for your reasoning for people to comment on.  If someone were to come on TV and say “Here’s an iPod. Buy it,” you’d be a bit confused — why should you buy it? Indeed, why should someone buy your assertion when you have no reason for them to?

These are guidelines and not hard-and-fast rules. Generally, we will attempt to  elicit better responses from “offenders” before moving on and ignoring comments.

Please keep in mind that Thoughts on Liberty promotes active tolerance and seeks to be a place for those with different experiences to share their thoughts and ideas. If you are concerned that your post may be taken the wrong way, you can email it to libertythoughts at gmail dot com  for preliminary ideas and constrictive criticism.