Write for Us

Thoughts on Liberty strives to be the premier blog for women libertarian voices.  Its core mission has two components: to provide a focused voice for women already participating in the liberty movement to speak into the movement and bring attention to issues that women care about and to speak to women outside the movement and convince them why freedom is best for women.

To that end, Thoughts on Liberty seeks to publish as many women writers as we can. A writer for TOL can be of any race, nationality, sexual orientation, age. We ask that authors identify as woman.*

Guest Submissions

TOL is happy to accept guest submissions from authors.  Submissions should be sent to editor@thoughtsonliberty.com and should meet the following guidelines:

  1. Pieces should be between 500 and 700 words long. Pieces that exceed 700 words will not run.
  2. Pieces should be a final product. We do not offer editing services beyond basic copy editing for guest submissions.
  3. Pieces should be written to match TOL’s tone and style. Please familiarize yourself with our website before making a guest submission.

Regular contributors

Our editorial staff can currently support 10 regular writing positions. One of those positions is currently open. If you’re interested in being a regular contributor for Thoughts on Liberty, please do the following:

  1. Read TOL’s “Call for Bloggers” page carefully
  2. Submit the following to editor@thoughsonliberty.com
    1. A brief (10-50 words) introduction of yourself and any liberty work you’ve done in the past
    2. Which posting slot you’d prefer to fill
    3. A short (50-100 words) statement on why you wish to join the TOL team
    4. A blog post, as if you were writing for TOL, of 300-500 words concerning one of the following:
      • Why you identify as a libertarian
      • How you came to libertarianism
      • Why women should embrace freedom

At this juncture, our positions are unpaid.

*TOL is happy to accept all persons who identify as women, regardless of birth sex. TOL’s editorial staff recognizes that both gender and sex exist on a spectrum, rather than in black-and-white. However, we feel we must unfortunately draw an (albeit arbitrary) line in the sand on that spectrum with regards to our contributors. This is by no means a hard-and-fast policy and is subject to change. If you have questions or comments on this particular policy, please email Editor-in-Chief Gina Luttrell editor@thoughtsonliberty.com