Birthers, Please Stop Talking


Senator Ted Cruz has made a splash recently among rumors of a 2016 Presidential Run and a promise to denounce his Canadian citizenship.  Naturally, the internet has exploded with an all new class of “birthers,” and they have surprisingly appeared on both sides of the aisle. At least Republican birthers are consistent.

Birthers, please shut up. I thought the people spewing hate about President Obama’s citizenship were obnoxious, and Ted Cruz’s new opposition is just as annoying. This is a non-issue and is, in fact, a distraction from real issues. If Cruz does decide to run in 2016, his citizenship will undoubtedly be hashed out again, even though scholars conclude he is legally eligible for the American presidency.

Generally, one of my biggest grievances with libertarians (and political minds in general) is issue shaming. Too often, an annoying Facebook commenter disregards a story because it’s not their favorite particular issue. For example, Julie Borowski posted an article about President Obama condemning breed-specific legislation (yay!). Of course, armchair activists threw in their two cents about how this was just a distraction from other issues. I know this may shock people, but different issues are important to different people. But the thing is, Ted Cruz’s nationality is such a non-issue that it’s hard to take seriously. Scholars have determined that he’s eligible to be president. Move. On.

High levels of information are hard to accumulate for much of America. When adults spend their time raising children and working full time, there isn’t a lot of time for relaxation. Most choose to spend free time relaxing instead of reading about politics. Politicians prey on low-information voters because asinine things such as negative TV ads and media personas more easily influence them. I believe that this is from where the birther movement stems; low-information voters follow personalities like Donald Trump, and (ignorantly) jump on the bandwagon. It’s distracting and bad politics. We need to put an end to it now.

I know Canadians are kind of weird and scary, but try to see past his citizenship to make your decisions about him. Like him or not, he’s probably going to be high on the radar in 2016. Whatever your debates about him, his Canadian background shouldn’t be part of it, eh?