Conservasaurus Rex Laura Ingraham Reveals How Fusionism is a Raw Deal


Fusionism is a hot-topic in libertarian and conservative circles. It represents the alliance between conservatives and libertarians to advocate for economic freedom. But fusionism requires libertarians to align themselves with a faction of the population that refuses to tolerate freedom in the personal sphere. By aligning ourselves with conservatives, libertarians lose credibility among more socially progressive young people. And as the US population steadily grows more socially tolerant, fusionism becomes even more of a liability to our growth as a movement.

As if to prove how intolerant conservatives are to personal freedom, enter noted and influential conservative Laura Ingraham. She recently went on (where else?) Fox News to decry the President’s decision to stop blocking access to emergency contraception for girls under 15 without a prescription.

“It’s a good deal for pedophiles, a good deal for people who commit statutory rape,” Ingraham said. Then she called emergency contraception “hormone pills,” and claimed, “We don’t know the long-term effects of spiking and dropping a young woman’s hormonal levels.”

Well, yes we do. As I pointed out Monday:

Blocking access was an entirely political move, as studies show that Plan B is no more dangerous than Tylenol or Asprin, both of which girls could always buy without an Rx. In fact, as Gina Luttrell reported for Thoughts on Liberty, a New York judge slammed the decision and ordered that the FDA make the morning after pill available to all ages.

Not only did the Obama Administration put girls at undue risk for unplanned pregnancy for no medical reason, the Secretary of Health actually insulted girls while she did it, saying young women under 15 can’t read.

Ingraham derides eradicating arbitrary government barriers to women and girls’ health decisions as “this Brave New World of women’s equality and quote reproductive health.” I’m sorry Laura, but could you please explain to me how women’s equality is a Brave New World to you? And while we’re at it, why do you feel the need to put scare quotes around reproductive health?

This isn’t the first time the right has peddled false information and used scare tactics to limit women’s access to reproductive healthcare. The last time access to Plan B was debated, the Heritage Foundation, along with the panelists at Fox News’ The Five, called emergency contraception an abortifacient and abortion pill, respectively.

Once again, ignorant (or lying) conservatives: emergency contraception works in the same way as all hormonal birth control. In fact, it’s literally the pill, in a larger dose. It does not induce abortion.

Here, the right is advocating for big government to regulate the health decisions of women and girls. This in and of itself should be offensive to libertarians, and anyone who believes in personal freedom. How can libertarians align ourselves with people who want to use the state to make it more difficult for young girls to avoid unwanted pregnancy?

The conservative brand is dying. Support for gay marriage and marijuana legalization is on the rise. More people than ever want more personal freedom and less government interference into what should be private decisions. Until fusionism, libertarians consistently stood on the right side of history. From abolition to opposing invading Iraq, we’re vanguards for freedom.

Let’s stop standing on the wrong side of history with dinosaurs from a dark past like Ingraham. It’s time to bid fusionism adieu and stand up boldly to tyranny in every form.