Dear President Obama, the Economy is Making Us Sick


Wake up, President Obama.

Because this nightmare is real – and we need you to accept that you are making it worse.

You increase the deficit with languid concern, promising Americans that the payoff will be forthcoming. Meanwhile, for the first time in America, children are destined to be poorer than their parents. According to Alvin Hall who acts as financial adviser, author, and frequent guest on BBC; this generation won’t be afforded the same opportunities their parents were.

“The debt that is being incurred, the lay-offs, the increases in university fees – these things are part of a diminution of their ability to achieve a lifestyle better than that of their parents. There is a general lack of optimism.”

And why should we be optimistic? Things aren’t looking so good. In an April Gallup poll, 55 percent of Americans interviewed said they envision their children will be worse off in education and income. We find ourselves past departed optimism – it’s far worse than that.

For the first time, suicide has passed automotive accidents as the leading cause of injury-related fatalities. What is perhaps more disconcerting, there were more American soldiers lost to suicide than combat in 2012. Bluntly put, why are so many of us increasingly electing to die?

The simplest answer: stress.

According to Dave Kupelian in his article “Americans Snapping by the Millions” a third of working Americans suffer from “chronic debilitating stress” and at least half of people age 18-33 suffer insomnia-inducing levels of stress, often accompanied by anxiety and stress disorder diagnoses. In the article Kupelian states:

“New research concludes that stress renders people susceptible to serious illness, and a growing number of studies now confirm that chronic stress plays a major role in the progression of cancer, the nation’s second-biggest killer. The biggest killer of all, heart disease, which causes one in four deaths in the U.S., is also known to have a huge stress component.”

It’s neither a secret nor a surprise that American families thrive in times of a secure economy and suffer from the effects of economic instability.

Under your dubious leadership, President Obama, this country has experienced accelerated rates of unemployment and watched our number of food stamp recipients increase to more than 47 million – that’s more people than the population of Spain. 22 million Americans are using both legal and illegal substances, perhaps to cope with the rising taxes to the middle class.

What are you doing, Obama?

There’s no indication that it is going to get better any time soon. In 2009, Mr. President, you stated that you’re “pledging to cut the deficit we inherited by half by the end of [your] first term in office,” but you have yet to scratch the surface. Instead you gouge America’s economic foundation; you beguile and embrace the end to US hegemony.

All things considered, you are probably the worst president this nation has ever elected. The majority of the people questioned for a poll conducted by Newsweek/The Beast professed that you, Obama, are the second worst president in American History, following Nixon. But while Watergate was a scandal, the current state of our economy is toxic – and it’s making us sick.