Don’t Give into the Panic of Sequestration


We are now five days into that dreaded word, SEQUESTRATION, that reincarnation of the fiscal cliff, or maybe the debt ceiling. I am beginning to lose track of this constant roller coaster of panic, with the almighty government and spirit of bipartisanship coming to the rescue right on time!

I’m here to call Bull Shnarky on this thrill ride!

What is the panic about this time? A self inflicted wound, yes; but this isn’t even a paper cut. This is barely the prick of a needle. This isn’t just the next iteration of the debt ceiling/fiscal cliff, it’s the very same thing. Congress and the President have been kicking the can down the road, counting on the other to finally cave.

The sequester calls for $1.1 trillion in deficit reduction over the next ten fiscal years…. that’s $110 billion a year.  Less than 10% of the average deficit over the last four years. Chump change.

First things first: these cuts are to money we don’t even have. The deficit is revenues minus expenditures, and it has been over $1 trillion since 2009.

Next, as a proportion of total outlays, the big bad bogeyman that is sequestration is only cutting growth.


Photo Credit: AJC

So why the panic? Why is a congresswoman saying we’re going to lose 35 million more jobs than the country even has?

The Obama administration is essentially throwing a hissyfit to get its way. Instead of making cuts that could truly streamline or improve (read: reduce) government, Obama is ordering his agencies to make the cuts in the most visible areas, the places that will affect you most drastically, in order to scare you into submission. From cancelling tours of the White house, to decreasing the number of TSA gropers at each airport to make your way through line that much longer, to claiming that “Sequestration will drastically shrink the military and harm National Security,” the government is trying to manipulate you.

This tantrum is just showing again that the government is not the good guy. Like ever. If this were Star Wars, the government would be the Dark Side.

“Threaten their livelihoods. Yes, yes, that will break them. A tax increase will seem paltry compared to the prospect of losing their jobs. If we shrink the size of the Empire, we lose power, and that is unacceptable. Keep them dependent. Keep them subservient. They will call their legislators. Yessss, puppets, give into your ANGER. Demand that the Empire stays healthy and strong.”

I’ve seen even my most conservative of Facebook friends in panic mode over the idea of sequestration. Don’t let them whip you into a frenzy. Step off the roller coaster. Come to the Light Side. Come to liberty.