Elizabeth’s Quick Guide to End-Of-The-Year Giving

For those of you who don’t work in the non-profit world, the last few weeks of the year are balls to the wall intense for development departments. Because donations to 501(c)(3) non-profits are tax-deductible, organizations want people to remember that by donating to them they can “save” money on their taxes this year! It is also crucial that these organizations get money from donors, as they are not allowed to sell for profit to keep themselves afloat.

Gina and I both work in the non-profit world, so I wanted to take a moment to help spread the love to some other organizations that do amazing work and could really use your money, if you’re looking for a quick way to feel amazing about yourself and maximize the amount you’re able to stick it to the government this year. No one at Thoughts on Liberty works for any of these. They are just organizations that I think are great and are worth your money!

Elizabeth’s Quick Guide to End-Of-The-Year Giving

The Institute for Justice

The Institute for Justice (IJ) has been fighting for liberty at all levels since its founding in 1991. It is a self-identified libertarian public interest law firm which has handled cases as small as anti-entrepreneurial food-truck ordinances, and as large as the game-changing eminent domain case, Kelo vs. New London. Built on the five pillars of Economic Liberty, Private Property, School Choice, The First Amendment, and Legislation, the folks at IJ work tirelessly to not only guard us from a powerful Federal Government, they are also kicking ass at the state and local levels. When describing IJ to those who are unfamiliar with the organization, I always say, “It’s what the ACLU would be, if it lived up to its name.” It’s an incredible organization that deserves more props for the work they do behind the scenes all over the country.

Grace House Ministries

One of my most deeply held convictions is that libertarianism’s belief in the potential and importance of the individual must be fostered by helping those who may not be exposed to the advantages of not only the market system, but also of an education that stresses personal responsibility. Grace House Ministries is an organization that places young girls in crisis situations in the foster system into loving group homes with other girls their age. There are two parents whose full-time job is to attend to the educational, spiritual, and social development. Remember my post about my belief in advancing liberty by helping “the least of these”? I think the focus on responsibility and education Grace House provides these young women goes a long way to providing a basis for libertarianism.

The Lovelady Center

The Lovelady Center (TLC) is another organization that helps women who have found themselves in bad situations. TLC is a transitional center in Birmingham, Alabama, that gets women on their feet after spending time incarcerated, struggling with substance-abuse, or judge referral. However, Nearly 40% of the Loveladys are self-admitted. This includes women who are homeless, escaping domestic violence, want help with their drug abuse, need an education while getting help with sustaining a single-parent family unit, or simply have nowhere else to turn. The 6-12 month program offers medical services, counseling services, addiction counseling services, life-skills training, parenting classes, job training, job placement, childcare, nutrition, housing, and post-secondary education. In essence, it helps break down the barriers that plague so many women who made less than ideal choice by offering them a hand up. TLC is able to house and feed 450 women and young children at a time, which is just absolutely incredible for an organization that exists on grants and donations.

If you didn’t already know, today is the last day to get your donations in! Please consider giving before the new year, either to these groups or another that you feel is doing some good!

Happy New Year!