Gary Johnson, the Candidate Your Candidate Could Look Like


Hello, ladies. Look at your presidential candidate. Now back to Gary Johnson. Now back at your candidate—now back to Johnson. Sadly, he isn’t Gary Johnson, but if he stopped his nonsensical pandering and started caring about things other than his own political gain, he could look like he’s Gary Johnson.

Look down. Back up.  Where are you? You’re on a blog with the presidential candidate your candidate could look like. What’s on his hand? Oh, that’s just red white and blue gloves because he loves America.

Okay. In all seriousness, it’s refreshing to see a political candidate who cares about something that doesn’t involve sitting behind a desk for hours. It’s cool to see a presidential candidate who lives a clean lifestyle while not demanding that others do the same. When this man says to you, “The government has no business telling you what to do with your body,” you cannot say to him, “Well, you just are self-serving, you gluttonous pig.” If anyone values a healthy lifestyle, I’d say Gary Johnson does. But he also understands that you can’t make other people choose the same lifestyle as you.

Gary Johnson didn’t need to climb Mt. Everest (or Kilimanjaro, or compete in triathlons, or compete in Iron Man competitions) to be governor of New Mexico. No one orders him to abstain from recreational drug use, caffeine, alcohol or sugar. He does it because that lines up with his values and his choices for his life.  He does it because he wants to make those good decisions for himself.

Johnson could, in his presidential campaigns, say “Hey, guys. Look  at this great lifestyle and all the wonderful things it does for me. I want to spread that happiness to the world, so I’m going to require that everyone climb mountains and compete athletically.” And we would rightly call him crazy. So why do we allow governments—whether local or national—to tell us what we should and should not be eating or how we should exercise, if we even choose to do so? Gary Johnson’s lifestyle makes him happy, and so does Adele’s. Who gets to mandate that one is right and the other is wrong?

I’ll tell you who wouldn’t mandate which is right: Gary Johnson, the candidate your candidate should be like.