A few years ago, I had a terrible vice — I watched Maury. Every show was virtually the same only with new faces and names. Maury made entertainment out of people’s problems. However, every now and then I remembered him doing episodes on “opposite couples” — you know, the obese woman with the rail thin man, the average height woman with the extremely short man, and of course, the elderly guy and his sexy, young lover.

I developed the impression that these couple were weird and laughable — totally not real. And maybe on Maury they were fake couples, but there are, in fact, real less than common types of relationships — and their love choices are just as real as anyone else’s.

All that should matter  is that consenting adults who love each other are able to — however they see fit and whoever they are, be it three people, gay people or people who don’t look the same.

At one point, interracial marriage and same-sex couples were unusal and illegal. But we’ve come a long way since then when it comes to love. For example, in 1967, state bans on interracial marriage were ruled unconstitutional and in 2003, Massachussetts became the first state to legalize gay marriage. We aren’t completely there yet, but more states are allowing gay couples to get married.

Unfortunately, even now in 2014, around the world not all women and girls are able to decide who to love or marry as the decision is made for them without their consent. And in other places, there are people who face the death penalty for loving someone of the same sex. There is no rational argument for coercing others like this. It’s disgusting.

And for the record, arranged marriages are OK in my book if all parties involved are consenting adults.

And while certain types of unions are gaining more mainstream ground, at least in the U.S. — lets not forget about the legal, but less common relationships.

I recently read an article about couples with a very large age gap — for example, the 78-year-old woman is in a relationship with 39 year-old man. Though I think the article sensationalizes the couple’s relationship a bit too much, it’s nice to see these couples not afraid to show they are in love. It’s admirable. And the same goes for other consensual, less-common relationships including polyamory and arranged marriages.

Ultimately, the government shouldn’t have its hands in matters of love — and that includes marriage. Love is private and personal. So, you  might see an “odd couple” and you may not understand that relationship, but ultimately it’s not your choice — it’s theirs. For those able to consent and who give their consent to enter into any type of relationship is great for liberty. That’s why unconventional love shouldn’t be taken lightly. To allow those who love each other, no matter how unconventional we may think their relationship,  is a true sign of freedom.