News Flash: Belittling Women Doesn’t Help Feminism

2 outdoes themselves this week… again. This week’s asinine article “Meghan McCain: The Worst of Millennial Culture” features Mr. Daniel D’Addario telling Meghan McCain that she’s doing feminism wrong… and everything else in her life, too. Way to empower women, man!

D’Addario tries to play the role of concerned bystander and offer a critique of McCain in relation to stereotypical millennial culture: that she is “self-absorbed, entitled, and unimaginative.” He then criticizes her for being obsessed with pop culture, which is especially interesting considering D’Addario writes for Salon’s Entertainment section. About her book, Dirty Sexy Politics, D’Addario even criticizes the way she fights for gay rights:

“(To her credit, she has spoken out consistently on behalf of gay rights; such speaking out, however, has generally tended toward the self-aggrandizing, as in her memoir of martyrdom “Dirty Sexy Politics” or her posing for a glam photo shoot to … benefit … gay people … somehow?)”

So let me get this straight: there is only one way to support gay rights, and using your fame is not one of them! Awareness to the movement (especially if you’re appealing to young GOP voters who might not see a role model elsewhere) is not important!

It’s also pretty clear that D’Addario hasn’t read Meghan McCain’s books. America, You Sexy Bitch was excellent, Ms. McCain has some fascinating ideas on the legalization of marijuana and gay rights. The entire book was, albeit an easy read, an eye-opening dialogue on how different parts of the country live. Perhaps D’Addario couldn’t criticize that one because it was co-written with Democrat comedian Michael Ian Black, and in Salon terms, Democrats are essentially demigods.

My favorite part of Mr. D’Addario’s “column” (I use the term loosely) is when he, as a white male, tries to tell Meghan McCain she’s doing feminism wrong. Now I certainly think men are entitled to their opinions on the feminist movement, but if a white male Republican criticized Salon’s brand of feminism, he’d instantly be branded as a woman hater who wanted to control women’s bodies and minds. I believe the phrase they’d use is “check your privilege.” Supposedly, in an episode of McCain’s new talk show Raising McCain (which hasn’t aired yet), there’s an episode on the subject of feminism. McCain has opposing viewpoints on the show, but that’s not enough to satisfy Mr. D’Addario.

He is convinced that Meghan’s ideas are just his repackaged… yet somehow they’re still wrong?

If McCain wants to use her platform to promote awareness and stimulate interesting discussion, what’s the big deal? Feminism is ultimately about empowering women. Unfortunately, Salon has once again hit a wrong note. Intentionally belittling and ripping apart a woman’s every action does not, actually, make them feel like valued members of society.