Suggesting a Topic

If there is something happening in the world, nation, your state or local community that you would like to see talked about on Thoughts on Liberty, you can submit topic suggestions to Please make sure that they conform to the following guidelines:

Topic — Thoughts on Liberty is widely open to many different topics, but there are some barriers. If you would like to write something for the site, it needs to be able to fit into up to two of our categories: Blogs,  ConstitutionCurrent EventsExecutiveInternet MediaLegislativePolitical PhilosophyPressResponseSocial Issues, or Supreme Court.  Please look at the posts that have been made to get an idea of what can be categorized in there. Essentially, the post must be about a political or a social issue. For example, you can write about feminism or Arizona Bill 1070. You can respond to a blog post about a political issue or a news article that talks about some social issue. This guideline is somewhat flexible.

Links — Please give the editor 2-3 links from news sources, Wikipedia, philosophers, etc. so that the person who writes about the topic has some research to go off of. If what you would like written about is not in the news or is related to a particular ideology, please refer the author to books, magazines, or other source material so that he or she can become knowledgeable about the topic, if he or she isn’t already.

Thank you.