Memes are like opinions: every libertarian’s got one. Some are poignant and timely; others reference Anchorman 2. Why should you have to wade through all of the weak Philosoraptors to get to the Rage Guy that perfectly sums up how you feel about the Hobby Lobby SCOTUS decision? Don’t worry. TOL is here to give you the best of the best.

The Best of the Anti-NSA


In early June 2013, The Guardian, with the help of Edward Snowden, unveiled one of the biggest scandals of the decade. The U.S. National Security Agency’s clandestine and indiscriminate surveillance program, PRISM, and its data-mining techniques not only upset the nation, but also infuriated Internet nerds everywhere. Shortly after the story broke, the Internet responded in full force using hashtags like #NSACalledToTellMe and creating the “Obama is Checking Your Email” Tumblr. But the very best response comes from Buzzfeed libertarian, Benny Johnson, with his meme series of Verizon spoofs.

Honorable Mention


The Best of Lenin Cats


Cats are objectively the best part of the Internet. The Lenin Cat meme is objectively the best part of any libertarian meme list. Often used in contrast with the Business Cat meme series, the Lenin Cat meme proves that making fun of misguided economic philosophies can also be super cute.

Honorable Mention


The Best of Dogecoin


Dogecoin is a real cryptocurrency that has been used in fund-raising campaigns to sponsor the Jamaican Bobsled Team in the 2014 Sochi Olympics and even build wells in Africa. Programmer Billy Markus created the cryptocurrency, aptly named after the Doge meme, as the fun-loving alternative to Bitcoin and Litecoin. It is now the 7th largest cryptocurrency. The best thing about Dogecoin, though, is all of the adorable memes it has produced.

Honorable Mention


The Best of The Haterz


Apparently, not every active Internet user is a libertarian. Non-libertarian trolls can create memes, too. Haterz created the Dr. Doom Paul meme to rip on zealous Ron Paul defenders and some of the histrionic rhetoric they use. After Ron Paul lost the 2008 Presidential election (and again when he lost the 2012 election), several of his supporters forewarned of all of the terrible atrocities and substantial mistakes that would occur without the leadership of Dr. Paul. Of course, others became quickly fed up and spurned the cheeky Dr. Doom Paul meme. But, in true trolly libertarian fashion, we promptly reclaimed the meme for our own purposes.

Honorable Mention


The Best of Faces of Marijuana


We’re all familiar with hyperbolic anti-drug PSA’s. Since the 1980’s, the U.S. has spent millions of dollars hysterically trying to shape popular culture, especially youth culture, against drugs with little positive results. A sheriff’s office in Oregon popularized one scare tactic fueled campaign called Faces of Meth using the mug shots of repeat drug offenders. The point was to show the physical effects of drug use over time.

Several spoofs of anti-drug PSA’s have been created, but the best one to date is the meme series “Faces of Marijuana,” which uses a before and after picture to show the physical effects of marijuana on the individual. It’s probably more realistic than the actual PSA’s.

Honorable Mention


The Best of Casually Pepper Spray Everything Cop


Libertarians love to hate cops and their frequent use of questionable tactics. Therefore, the Casually Pepper Spray Everything Cop meme series has to top this list. Following the police’s excessive use of pepper spray at the 2011 UC Davis Occupy Protest, Libertarians and liberals teamed up to out the cop who so nonchalantly pepper-sprayed a bunch of students in the face. Anonymous hactivists tracked down the email and phone number of Lt. John Pike, who then received over 10,000 angry texts and 17,000 emails. Better than that, they plastered his picture all over the internet with this beautiful meme.

Honorable Mention


The Best Free-Market Themed Memes


Economics in one meme. Whether discussing the latest government induced monopoly or making light of heavy concepts, free-market memes are sure to win over all of your non-libertarian Facebook friends. Still, inside economic joke memes provide nice dork moments between friends and mutual Hayek lovers.

Honorable Mention



After all this, it’s fitting to point out this awesome Facebook page “Libertarians Ruin Memes” as a public service announcement. Libertarians Ruin Memes, a libertarian operated page, urges responsible use of all memes. Don’t make us look bad, please.

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