The Farm Bill Fight is Worth Getting Involved in, Here’s Why You Should Care


Amid all of the government-induced drama going around the last few weeks, a major push to renew the so-called “Farm Bill” has been sneaking through Congress.

Here are a few fun facts about the “Farm Bill:”

  1. The Farm Bill is a ridiculous misnomer; approximately 80% of the $940 billion dollar bill would be appropriated to Food Stamps
  2. The Farm Bill has historically been logrolled with the Food Stamp program solely for political expediency: urban reps won’t vote against food stamps, and rural reps won’t vote against farm aid.
  3. Democrats are saying that the bill includes “draconian cuts.”…The bill is 47% larger than its 2008 counterpart.
  4. The 20ish% of the Farm Bill that actually is “Farm Aid” is not much more than a handout to big farmers; not the safety net to struggling farmers that its proponents claim.

Oh, and last week the government machine was shocked by soundly defeating the bill 195-234 in the US House of Representatives.

62 Republicans who thought that the bill was too big joined with 172 Democrats who thought that the bill was too small.

Let’s just hope that the government doesn’t go all Goldilocks on us and find a gargantuan bill that’s juuust right.

I know it’s always dangerous to thank legislators for doing the right thing (for once), and a lot of reps are going to hesitate to change their votes, but by encouraging your reps in the right direction, we have a chance to put to rest a bill that will do nothing but further entrench big government.

“Changing the system from within” is something that libertarians go back and forth on constantly, but this is one chance that we have to encourage the system in a specific direction that can keep all of our ideologies pure, and is a battle we are actually on the verge of winning. So in the next week or so, raise awareness, call your Congressional delegates, we can do this.