The U.S. Political Center: Liberty Loving Libertarians or Just “Spit Out” Republicans?


Guess what? According to my results taking the recent Esquire-NBC News poll, I just happen to be an “Alpha male conservative(s) who wants to ban abortion and support traditional marriage, but otherwise stay out of our private lives.”

Last time I checked, I am not a male, and I am no fan of Rush Limbaugh.  Since when did I support traditional marriage exclusively, and insist that abortion should be illegal in all circumstances?  Perhaps I am that kind of humanoid in some mythical parallel universe, but not in this one.

Yet, when I took the poll that is extensively covered in November’s newsstand issue of Esquire, I somehow fell into this “fringe” category.  Oh, and incidentally, there are seven others, and they all could be characters in a satire that would end up on the main stage at Chicago’s Second City theater:  The Righteous Right, Whatever Man, Pick-up Populists, The MBA Middle, The Minivan Moderates, The Gospel Left, and, The Bleeding Hearts.

Naturally, I have to say I am skeptical of the preliminary conclusions the media pundits at Esquire and NBC have drawn about the kind of people who constitute the “muddled middle.”

But—on one point only—I do agree with liberal blogger Charles Pierce’s assessment that in this contentious time a survey of the political opinions of some American people is a “noble effort,” a worthy undertaking, even now.

However, Pierce fails when he criticizes the results of the survey, not the data.  Maybe that is because the findings do not support his views.  Pierce merely opines that this “center” is merely a default position of “lazy” Republicans, who in their lukewarm support for the true Republican Party platform should be, as it says in Revelation 3:16, “spit out of the mouth of God.”

Also, his criticisms of conservative Kathleen Parker’s opposite conclusions are mean-spirited and wrong:

By “normal,” I mean that centrists like to keep as much of their hard-earned cash as possible, but want to help the helpless. They tend to prefer a laissez-faire attitude toward their neighbors, assuming no one’s making child porn next door or beating up the spouse and kids. Want to get married? Please. Need an abortion? Fine, but three months is plenty of time to figure it out. People who want to smoke pot in the privacy of their own home do not belong in jail. [Emphasis added.]

It sure looks like the Center prefers liberty, doesn’t it?

Perhaps there are some problems with this survey’s design, or why else would I be portrayed as a “spit out” Republican?  Still, there are some interesting findings to be found in its results, regardless, and Libertarians should pay attention to them.