Time to Turn Off The News and Enjoy Life


If you’re anything like me you’re always reading the news. You’re always on your phone or on your computer looking at what people are posting on Facebook and Twitter. If you’re like me, you’re always reading blogs and articles. You may learn something new, find something you agree with, find something that enrages you, or find something that makes you think. Maybe you’re like me in the sense that the majority of the posts you read make you angry.

I see tons of people, including myself, who obsess over certain topics and are always reading on them. From drone strikes, to the drug wars, to rape culture, we all have a topic that we are always reading about. At the end of the day, we know these posts make us angry. Fighting over comments with people makes us angry, but sometimes we can’t stop. We want to call out big government, sexism, racism, and other things we don’t agree with but some days we can stop. We can just sit down and relax.

Although I think it’s great to be informed about what’s going on in our society, we don’t have to be constantly stressed. Sometimes it’s nice to take a day off and enjoy life.

Everyone should take a day to themselves: turn off the phone, turn off the computer and just relax. Have a glass of wine and watch a good movie or go for a walk around downtown. Let’s just do something that doesn’t constantly remind us how terrible people can be.

I’m not advocating that we completely stop reading the news and staying updated. I find it important to be informed about society, but some of us do need to take a day off. Maybe today I don’t want to read about Boston, North Korea, or another story about rape culture and that’s okay.

Yes, there are tons of problems in our society and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to discuss them and argue them. But it’s okay to get tired and to not want to deal with it. In a world with so much bad news, we lose sight of the beauty of life.