Who’s The Wacko Bird Now, Mr. McCain?


It’s true – John McCain snuck into Syria on Monday to meet with Syrian Rebels. Oh, I get it now, Mr. McCain. People like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Justin Amash are just wacko birds, but the Syrian Rebels? Man, those guys are cool. Who cares if the Rebels have been linked to al-Qaeda groups? John McCain wants to help them.

I will admit that I have some weird and unwarranted love for Meghan McCain, and because of that, I used to generally avoid the topic of John McCain, but I cannot hold my tongue this week. Mr. John McCain, what in the hell? At first glance, I thought the headline about John McCain sneaking into Syria was fabricated by The Onion. Unfortunately, The Onion was not involved in this one.

Inside the meeting with leaders of the Free Syrian Army, Salem Idris, a prominent leader of the rebels, has called for “heavy weapons, a no-fly zone, and airstrikes on the Syrian Regime and the forces of Hezbollah.” Not to worry though, John McCain has “pressed” to insure that if weapons are supplied, they won’t fall into the wrong hands. Elizabeth O’Bagy, political director of the Syrian Emergency Task Force, commented on Mr. McCain’s discussions. “He really feels the need to see things for himself. He said: ‘If I’m going to be advocating for arming the opposition then I need to meet the people we’re going to be arming,'” she commented. Ms. O’Bagy works for an organization that documents only the evil committed by the regime, but I’m sure she has absolutely no special interest in assuring those hesitant to intervene.

Their requests may be something of no interest to you, but take note: the rebels might be making more headway than you think. In Rand Paul’s latest CNN Opinion Column, he explains The Syria Transition Support Act. He goes on to describe that the act has the capability to put America in a “nation rebuilding” situation…again. Because that’s worked so well in the past, right?

I do not want to downplay the severity or tragic nature of the Syrian Civil War. My heart goes out to those affected and I cannot imagine living in fear every single day. This war, like all wars, is messy. However, empathy is not necessarily a good reason for intervention.

The United States does not know who is fighting for Syria, for the regime or the rebels. While the rebels may have begun their quest as a noble one, evidence suggests that they have turned to extremist groups. No matter how relentless John McCain has been in pressuring the rebels not to give weapons to dangerous people, America has no business in arming our enemies. In fact, we don’t have any business in Syria, period.